Blue Carpets

Blue Carpet——Make Place Worthy  

We used many carpets of different colors and in different varieties but Blue Carpet has its own worth. These carpets provide a notable texture and gives you a cute and beautiful look to your interior. You have experience the superb effects of these carpets in plenty of big function and parties on their entranceways. have introduced remarkable quality of Blue Carpets to be bought for your offices, hotels, motels, residences, mosque entranceways. We have many varieties of Blue Carpets in outstanding colors. They are as follow,

Lyon Dark Blue Carpet

One of the type of Blue Carpet is Lyon dark blue carpet which is our bestselling range at present.  These carpets have extensive variety of colors, quality build and affordable price. These carpets are made from 100% polypropylene create hardwearing, durable and stain resistant carpet as they are bleach cleanable. These carpets are very comfortable as provide warm and cosy texture perfect for your interior.

Soft Twist Pile

The most popular kind of carpet soft Twist pile blue carpet created from yarn which has been twisted tightly together. They provide healthy look and come in plain colors, ideal for any room. The underlay of these carpet extend life and the comfort underfoot grows. We provide warranty to our clients guarding against food & drink spills and imprudent wear and damage

Rialto Blue Carpet

Rialto blue carpet is a robust and has the following features which make it valuable for any place. This blue Carpet comes with a gel backing and requires no underlay, the range is an affordable quality. These carpets are made from 100% polypropylene

These carpet are hard wearing, stain resistant and durable. We made available these Blue Carpets in nine colors. These carpets are manufactured for any environment where spills may available as are bleach cleanable carpet.

The yarn used in this carpet is quite heavy and wide which make it durable. We gives warranty to our customers against staining from all food & drink spills and also give the warranty against damage caused by foot traffic.

Forest Twist Blue Carpet

Forest Twist range of Blue Carpet is a great value quality carpet. It provide a stylish addition to many rooms in your house and comes in 14 classic natural designs. They are durable and resistant. We use 100% polypropylene which is the most popular synthetic carpet material. This carpet is bleach cleanable product, consist hard wearing and stain resistant in nature.

This Blue Carpet is lower in price, making it fantastic value for money. We offer wear warranty of this blue carpet as it guards against excessive wear and damage caused by foot traffic.

This type of Blue Carpet is guaranteed against staining from all drink spills and food. These are perfect for lounge, dining room & bedroom. They are better thermal & sound insulation

Why Choose Us ?

We proffer blue carpets made from the first-class quality materials. These carpets made by our experts gives your indoors look extra costly and extremely good.

We are the one, who no manner compromise with the excellence of our merchandise so our clients will get the amazing exceptional products. Customers can get the remarkable merchandise in superb prices at

We serve our customers across Dubai and everywhere in uae which include sheikh zayedavenue ,jumeirah , jumeirah lake towers , village ,down metropolis dubai , funding park , merdif , barsha , uptown merdif , jumeirah, burjkhalifa, emaar industrial organisation park and lots of extra. Our customers are ibis hotel, volvo, adidas, alstom, dubai police, microsoft, mcdonalds, rotana resorts and lodge, marriot inns and lodge, hackettlondon, al futtain, jumeirah seaside lodge etc.

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