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Jute Rug

Jute Rug Dubai – A Natural Interior Element

For housemakers who are more comfortable with natural elements for their space mostly prefer their interiors crafted out of natural elements or fibers. Mostly made materials are of sisal, seagrass, or bamboo that have been very famous and in trend creating a natural ambiance but along them jute is also a popular choice. provides such nature loving customers with our high quality Jute Rug Dubai that makes your space look royal and elegant.

What Is Jute Rug Made Of?

  • utilizes the best quality jute to craft out the appealing Jute Rugs that could complement very well with all kinds of décor.
  • Jute is a soft, is a flexible, and hard wearing fiber that is resilient and has a softer touch.
  • Jute fibers used to craft Jute Rug Dubai are bio-friendly and biodegradable as it utilizes no toxic chemicals which makes it safer from the synthetic products which are harmful due to toxicity.

What Benefits Does Jute Rug Have?

  1. Texture – the natural fibers used by to craft out the Jute Rug Dubai provide a raw texture to your place. Jute rugs are also a popular base for more colorful, patterned rugs, when crafted in combination with other natural fibers.
  2. Durable – Jute Rug Dubai are woven of thick fibers that are capable of withstanding pretty much of the foot traffic. But when placed with less amount of foot traffic as of in the bed room they last up, too many years, providing their vibrant look.
  3. Versatile – with the key feature of being versatile Jute Rugs by works with all kinds of décor a customer has.
  4. Care – jute woven Jute Rug Dubai are easily cleaned with a vacuum of the brush. The dust is easily cleaned or dusted off from the woven texture. Vacuuming from several directions will id the rug to sustain its long life and its beauty.
  5. Patterned style – jute fibers have their natural earthy brown color the jute rugs made out of them represent the same color that incorporated well with variety of interiors, but at, we do have different patterns and colors in it, to enhance the material and its future.
  6. Eco-friendly – jute itself is a fast growing and replicable fiber, so the production of it does not provide any harm to the environment. The jute rug is a great alternative to those expensive rugs made out of heavy machines.
  7. Cost effective – care about its customers and end to work on with materials that is affordable easily by our valuable customers. And jute is one of the least expensive fibers out of which our Jute Rug dubai is crafted off. The speedy growth of the jute fibers makes it readily available and cheap from the other natural fibers.


We are the superlative and leading company in all the entire UAE and nearby areas. We offer the supreme quality of Jute Rugs in distinct colors, unique designs and styles.
Our pattern in Jute Rugs Dubai are distinctive from others and also deliver standard size to our customers. We welcome customization, customers who want customization in the product size, design or color, quote us for free

Jute rugs in Dubai

  • Looking for jute carpet? Get the satisfactory high-quality jute carpet at These jute carpet convey a fashionable appearance for your indoors.
  • these juterugs will make your indoors surroundings appearance royal and costly. is a first-rate company for juterugs, blue carpet, grey carpet in dubai, abudhabi &uae at remarkable costs with a quick set up service.
  • Jute Rugs Are Durable. Jute area rugs are woven from thick fibers and are made to last. They are also naturally brown in color, which makes stains less noticeable. While you can vacuum your sisal jute rug as often as you like to remove dirt and dust, it does not require special everyday care.
  • Jute is soft underfoot hence suitable or bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, lounge, entrance ways, offices etc.
  • we have the widest range of products available. You may browse via our products through our website. Get full indoors décor solutions.
  • beside the ones carpets we additionally produce other primary categories. They include blue carpet, grey carpet, white carpet and many others., coir, door mats, sisal carpets, sisal rugs and so forth. Get the quality best merchandise at wonderful prices.
  • These rugs are made from the best quality materials, extra durable, covered with anti-fire coating, custom style, design and colors.

Various Choices jute rugs

We manufacture and sell jute rugs in various designs, styles, patterns, colors, textures and customized requirements

Whether your requirement is large or small we do it all for you.
Our administrative dept. and experts will show you the samples free of cost. Your request for customization is welcomed and we shall quote you for the same. We give 100% customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands. We provide doorstep services. and at no extra charge across Dubai and all parts of UAE.

Factors Considered for Installation Of Rugs

We consider below factors while installing rugs for you

  • Foot traffic
  • Money
  • Design and style of rugs

As per your area we provide the best jute Rugs with modern designs, extra quality, durability and less price. Our juterugs will match your interior and provide various designs for you to choose.

Buy from us because:

  • Best juteRugs in Dubai
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  • Fast and Easy Installation in Dubai and nearby areas
  • Best quality juterugsin Dubai
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  • Anti-fire coating on rugs
  • One stop solution for customized rugs in Dubai
  • Get more pay less

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We also provide with door step services in all regions of UAE. Where our expertise will suggest you with the best sample for you to decide.

Feel free to contact us for any query, you can E-mail us at In case of customized requirement request for free quote .

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Our Customers

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Our clients are Ibis hotel, Volvo, Adidas, Alstom, Dubai police, Microsoft, McDonalds, Rotana hotels and resort, Marriot hotels and resort, Hackett London, Al futtain, Jumeirah beach hotel and lot more.

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