Wool Sisal Rugs – Intimate Floor Covering 

Wool Sisal Rugs are helpful to give new and trendy look to your floor and are being famous in all class. It is also helpful to hide an uneven or rough surface. In the presence of Wool Sisal Rugs, you never need any type of carpet. It is easy to manage at all, whenever you want to clean the space from all accessories, easily fold and protect this in wardrobe. It is affordable enough as compare to carpets.

Why Wool Sisal Rugs ?

Furnish your home

Wool Sisal Rugs helps you to give new and unique touch to your home. It helps to decorate home matched to your furniture and gives pleasant look to floor. These sisal rugs enhance the beauty of your interior and make place inviting so people get inspired by your choice.


Wool Sisal Rugs provided in all exclusive colors, attractive design and standard size prepared by sisalcarpet.ae. Dark colors are always in demand so we give preference to prepare wool sisal rugs according to choice of our client

Budget friendly. 

Wool Sisal Rugs helps customers to buy product in their budget. Our experts suggest you the best product for home, office etc. It gives life to your space, make it appealing. We take care of clients and their requirements.


Sisalcarpet.ae is responsible for the durability of product as it speak itself. These rugs are long lasting as it is hard wearing so never been rough early. These rugs are easy to maintain for everyone and never make you complain

Available in different sizes. 

These rugs are available in all standard sizes. We make these rugs on customization accordingly you prescribe size.

Design and color

We proffer unique and appealing designs and colors help to enhance the beauty of room. You can easily purchase them according to your space.

At present, Wool Sisal Rugs are highly popular among people. If you are looking to refurnish your office area, Sisalcarpet.ae also gives you the best selection of these rugs for your office. Customers are also free handed to apply this anywhere according to their requirement.

Pros Of Wool Sisal Area Rugs

Some of the important pros of Wool Sisal Area Rugs is,

  • You do not need to use glue as it features easy installation.
  • To prevent spillage, our Wool Sisal Area Rugs are backed by natural latex.
  • To provide beautiful look and charm, we dye and color these rugs.

Why Choose Us? 

  1. Wool Sisal Rugs are famous among the people of any field and suitable for any place.
  2. Sisalcarpet.ae is the best place to look for wool sisal rug Dubai. We provide our customers the widest range of color, design and shapes.
  3. We provide door step services in all the entire UAE and nearby regions.
  4. Our executive in-charge always guide you to get the best and customers, the sample for free.
  5. Wool sisal rugs are famous for its elegant design. We deliver such adorable feature, you never seen before.
  6. Quality of wool sisal rugs is guaranteed.
  7. We deal in bulk and welcome both wholesaler and retailer.
  8. We provide our product in affordable price in all over Dubai.

Sisalcarpet.ae is a best place to buy wool sisal area rugs for your home or offices. We make available customizable solutions for our clients. You can customize your product according to your choice includes patterns, color, dyes, designs and styles. To know more about the product, visit our page and select the best option for any place of your interior