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Carpets are the asset which reflects the important elements of design and fashion in homes. At present, Grass Carpets are being the most common floor covering. Our exclusive designers are offerings from today’s latest trends to comfortable classics, there is something special for every room in your home. has a wide range of choices for Dubai golf greens and artificial lawns. Our artificial or unnatural lawns are long-lasting and the most realistic in the industry. We provide artificial turf products which are perfect for small yards, hard to grow areas and for those looking for appealing and inventive landscaping ideas.

Our professional never negotiate with the quality of product. You will get the huge return by investing on our Grass Carpet in the form of time and money. We produce the synthetic grass earth-friendly and contains many environmental benefits. If you are looking to feature your wedding event or any ceremony and tradeshows or even used in many events. Grass Carpet is the optimal solution for your problem offer the customer’s artificial turf that is an exciting idea in the city. Grass Carpets enhance the look of any place with its existence. Customers prefer these carpets especially on rooftops of office and at the edges of apartment buildings.

Benefits Of Green Our Carpets

  1. Grass Carpet are soft and like natural grass while walking on it and also feels and looks similar to the real grass.
  2. The best part of these Grass Carpet is, they are save for your kid’s because it is dust free and mud free, comfortable for your children.
  3. Grass Carpets is the best option for your backyard as it make your backyard beautiful.
  4. They are very easy to install and maintain. Water is not needed for its maintenance.

Why Choose Us ?

We proffer our customers with the finest class Grass Carpet. They are great desire for the particular areas like backyards, big lawns, pool side, kid’s playground etc.

We give first priority to the quality of the product and we made from excellent materials. We provide in-home consultant who come up with the sample to make you suggest best for your interior. They guide you the best quality product which rendering to your interior theme. Our team will provide you an example on your wish, before installing the actual product.

We provide you delivery at your doorstep with care and safely.
No additional pay will be charged from you. Our made Grass Carpet with the commitment for instance, our product should be free from carbon environmental footprint of traditional landscaping. It should maintain a perfect look and do not even feel the season. It has the tendency to bear high amount of foot traffic. We provide standard quality on affordable rates. If anyone interested to buy from us should take a survey in the entire Dubai. We are the one with good quality in low-priced.

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